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“Prism Pharma Machinery” takes pleasure to introducing itself as one of the leading company in India, which is wholly involved in manufacturing and exporting of Pharma Machineries for Solid Dosage for Granulation & Formulation,  Pelletizing & Pellets coating for  pharmaceuticals, Confectionary, Agro Chemicals, Herbal, Cosmetics, Foods, Bakery, Chemical and etc.

We have wide range of pharmaceutical machineries for manufacturing of pellets by wet powder mixer, Axial Extruder, Basket Extruder, Spheronizer, Pelletizer and pellets coating system by   Fluid Bed Coater with bottom spray wurster coater, Conventional Coating Machine & Auto coater machine with solid pan. By using of extruder and Spheronizer we can manufacturer equal & uniform size pellets.

Prism sincerely would like express our thanks to our customers for supporting and affection.PRISM has been and will be working more closely with all its precious customers with long terms business relationship.
Thanks you…..


Prism Pharma
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Powder Pellets Extruder Sheronizer
Fluid Bed Pellets Coater
Tablet/Pllets Coating
Fluid Bed Granulator
Wet Granulation Process
Dry Granulation - Roll Compactor
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